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Hi, I've developed a Real Time capturing data software.
After Connection, Symbol Lookup and Contract choose, I subscribe the PriceChanged Event:

Client.Subscriptions.Price.PriceChanged += OnPriceChanged;

and in the:

private void OnPriceChanged(IGFClient client, PriceChangedEventArgs e)
StringBuilder data = new StringBuilder(e.Price.LastDateTime.ToLocalTime().ToString(), 30);


I add in a list named lista, my interesting data.

The program working fine, the data are correct more or less, if I check the captured data from my software, with the downloaded data from the GAIN Trader archive, some few data are missing, wich other are duplicated.

Naturally I check the same values of the same contract in the same interval of time, and they correspond for about 90%.

Are there possible to capture real time data with api, without differences, with the Gain Trader archive?
Thanks for answer.

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