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API Support » Request Historical for option bar, return empty bar Feb 08, 2019 @ 10:12 AM (Total replies: 0)


I'm trying to request option bar with this call:

client.RequestBars(option, DateTime.UtcNow.AddDays(-1), DateTime.UtcNow, SubscriptionType.Bar, 1440);

When OnBarsReceived are triggered, return always an empty bar, i don't know why...

Someone have any idea?


API Support » request options chain problem Nov 29, 2018 @ 09:41 AM (Total replies: 5)

So how did you use that?

Exist similar criteria filter for expiration data?

API Support » request options chain problem Nov 29, 2018 @ 09:01 AM (Total replies: 5)


I've tested this code:

but where I can find criteria properties MinStrikePrice and MaxStrikePrice in API Documentation?

thanks for support

API Support » request options chain problem Nov 23, 2018 @ 10:46 AM (Total replies: 5)

Hi mates,

public void requestOption(Contract futures) {
SymbolLookupCriteria criteria = new SymbolLookupCriteria();
criteria.SearchText = "*";
criteria.ParentContract = futures;

I used this functions for request options chain of futures underlying, but returning all options with same expiration date.

How can I request first 3 option for all expiration date, what's wrong?

Thanks for support
best regards