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API Support » Inquiry -- Contract Developer needed Mar 04, 2021 @ 11:53 AM (Total replies: 2)

I'm not trying to change Gain Trader -- I'm simply trying to build a program to notify me when Gain Trader completely screws me with a disconnect mid week. Another rather obvious solution is to notify users whenever you're going to force a disconnect during market week... but I'm no longer interested in speaking with Gain support.

I don't want a new front end, I want a helper program to provide a feature that you won't build yourself. If you had a developer list, I would just reach out to them -- but here I am on the forum because nobody else seems to know how to use GFApi.

Program can be PS1, Shell, or interact with the GFApi to check existing connections -- not picky, just need something that works (when Gain doesn't).


API Support » Inquiry -- Contract Developer needed Mar 04, 2021 @ 11:26 AM (Total replies: 2)


I'm interested in building a simple program for Gain Trader / OEC Trader. I use the platform via AutoX, and have been frequently getting disconnected. I simply want a program to monitor the connections from Gain / OEC to Gains servers, and send a notification upon disconnect / failed re-login.

Was hoping I could simply monitor it with PS1 script checking the TCP connection to 9200, 9201, as mentioned in docs -- but am not seeing anything even in a basic netstat report while connected.
Please advise... I'm a developer myself, but don't think it would be efficient for me to build this, and the API doesn't make a ton of sense to me just from the docs. Not sure if GFApi, or shell script would be ideal -- but I need something. These disconnects are costing me money.

API Support » AutoX + Native ELD? Aug 19, 2020 @ 07:30 AM (Total replies: 1)

I initially intended to build a native GFapi platform app (in C#) to handle the Trailstop function (which was not handled properly by AutoX bridge), and let the strategy’s entries and OTHER exits run through AutoX.
Upon access to the developer platform and info, it looks like I can compile ELD as ELTS files, and put those on charts — Even compile them to what looks like correct C# / GFApi files.

I guess I’m curious if this is a robust option, or simply for indicators and the like? This is really, really cool — just didn’t expect it to be this easy?

If it’s not robust for strategies, would it be sufficient to handle SIMPLY my single exit that isn’t bridged ?
Basically could use AutoX and then include the Trailstop system natively on the same symbol ?

Or possibly apply the Trailstop package to ALL active symbols somehow ? Some sort of global scope logic?

Please advise !
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