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I'm brand new to openecry. I'm trying to get a look at the API to see if it will do what I am looking to do, etc. etc. Is there a sort of roadmap document somewhere that I missing?

I see a number of api downloads, and the api documentation. But the api documentation is the low level api call signatures etc. I need some type of high level "roadmap" to tell me what the big pieces are, what they can do etc., etc. Something like an architecture diagram for example?


On the Software download page I see two links to download:

1) Oec Trader API. - This is an .exe. When I run it it launches what appears to be a demo OEC platform,chart,dom. What does this have to do with the API?

2) Demo - Also a .exe but how is this one different from the .exe in 1)?

Ok next questions on the API Documentation page I see several download links:

1) View API Docs - low level call sig documentation - ok.
2) Compiled API docs - ok.
3) Basic API Example - Ok this looks like a c# example. Fine.
4) Advanced API Example - This looks like another c# example.
5) API Com interface and
6) API Com interfact no samples

It would be really nice if you could provide at least a brief description of each of these things.

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basically, OEC API intended for development of custom trading software - it allows sending orders and receiving price quotes.

there's an article about OEC API design located in the API documentation (see OECClient class page).

OEC Trader API provided as a reference client for software developers - it works with dedicated development server only.