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When I am viewing the YM, my cursor shows values like 9450.9, and the tenths value gets mostly clipped off on the righthand Y Scale, and the leading digit gets clipped off on the lefthand Y-Scale. There needs to be about 1 more character width of space (on each scale) to show the whole value I think.

Since the YM trades in WHOLE points, anyway, I'd prefer to be able to have the cursor value show in TickSize increments, so for the ES, 0.25 intervals, for example. Is there a way to force the cursor to Round to TickSize? That is to say, the cursor line may not be at a perfect tick boundary (like sticky mode), but the value printed on the scale could be set to the nearest tick. So if I was between ticks, like 900.35, it would show 900.25 until I reached 900.50 for the ES.