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I am planning to develop a software package using your API and to
become a partner. But as I have seen the demo account your company
is providing has some issue, the demo can be taken as much
time as wanted using different email addresses
, and the demo will
work on the same machin by the same user as many time as user wants. I had a talk with livechat person of your company for the same
concern, they informed me that demo is bound to IP address so the
same IP cannot use the demo again, but there is a dynamic ip by ISP
is possible and avalable with lot of ISPs (atleast in my county).so the users are using the demo without any bound.

So, My concern here is if the users will use the product which they can get for free as manytime as they want how the third party partners will earn!!! So my feedback is, you should either make the feed late in demos or you should bound the demo to specific hardware so that people can get the demo only one time and you and third party partners can earn.


Trushar Kapadia