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Posted: Jul 13, 2017 @ 01:19 PM             Msg. 1 of 4
I have finished my development using the onelink API and ready to go live. What should I do to have the API connect to my real Forex.com account? conformance testing?
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Posted: Jul 13, 2017 @ 01:44 PM             Msg. 2 of 4
I have emailed you directly with Conformance details, how to open an account supporting this API, and how to move existing funds from your current Forex.com account.
Chris M
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Posted: Jul 17, 2017 @ 04:35 PM             Msg. 3 of 4

I e-mailed gfsupport@gaincapital.com about conformance testing (I am ready to go through the process as well), but they sent me back to this forum. Would you be able to assist me in starting the process?

Thank you,
Chris K.
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Posted: Jul 18, 2017 @ 09:12 AM             Msg. 4 of 4
I have emailed Conformance details to you. Please review and reply to the email with any additional questions.
Chris M