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Posted: Jan 28, 2020 @ 09:45 AM             Msg. 1 of 2
I Need to receive the last available Bid/Ask prices of a security, futures option in my case.
In order to achieve this goal I request Tick data:

MyID = Client.Subscriptions.Ticks.Subscribe(MyContract.ID, Client.Subscriptions.Ticks.Duration.Create(1)).ID;

I assume that Client.Subscriptions.Ticks.Duration.Create(1) means the last available tick.
This kinda works because I get some prices, but this price is not the last Bid/Ask quote.

Probably I'm doing something wrong. Any Suggestion?
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Posted: Jan 31, 2020 @ 02:20 PM             Msg. 2 of 2
There is no bid or ask for Tick. Tick is a trade and offers a price. A Quote will provide: Bid/Ask/Last/etc.

See https://gainfutures.com/GFAPI/?topic=html/4e2865e8-7ac9-457e-8d5a-6d930f3408a8.htm
Chris M